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Printing house
photographic. Marsala village
И 2064-33
photographic. Cheleken: Turkmen family
№ 10-340-1АРХИВ
Rostov: view of the western district of the city
№ 2362-5
painted. Folk costume of the women of the Vilnius region
И 2011-13
photographic. Pet Persian gazelle
№ 10-299-1АРХИВ
photographic. Types of Central Asia. the Turkmen.
№ 10-275-1АРХИВ
painted. Costumes of Podhal region (l'Atlas des costumes populaires polonais).
И 2011-33
painted. Daughter of boyard
№ 10-26-1АРХИВ
colored. Discovered
№ 10-1460-6АРХИВ
photographic. Ancientry of Minusinsk region. Greater Salbyk mound
№ 10-262-1АРХИВ
photographic. Astrakhan. Kirgiz man - birds seller
№ 10-65-1АРХИВ
painted. 3rd humorous song "Okh, ne stradanie..."
№ 10-118-1АРХИВ
colored. Belgian milk cart
№ 10-514-3АРХИВ
painted. Saaremaa costume
№ 10-738-4АРХИВ
colored. Orsa: scene at a house
№ 10-549-3АРХИВ
colored. In the land of "King Cotton"
№ 10-1455-6АРХИВ
photographic. Cheleken: one-humped camel
№ 10-95-1АРХИВ
photographic. Minusinsk natives. Tuba women with "chatygan" (musical instrument)
№ 10-228-1АРХИВ
postcard. Dancers in Batavia
№ 3472-1
photographic. Kirgiz dwelling at Astrakhan
№ 10-156-1АРХИВ
Total found on query: 702