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Peoples of Siberia and Far East/
Old woman at chum (tent)
И 795-99
Stove to bake bread in winter settlement
И 795-82
Tent covered by birchbark
И 795-60
Sacred trees
И 795-143
Birchbark chum (tent)
И 795-56
New mother's tent
И 795-71
Vadisey's family
И 1160-12
Barge called "Stalintes"
И 795-138
Site of archeological excavations
И 795-21
Archeological excavations
И 795-179
Man showing pattern on mittens - Khanty " bear's trace"
И 1160-51
Archeological excavations of the 2nd square
И 795-181
Two women at a chum
И 795-104
Two men
И 795-102
Women with children drinking tea at a yourt
И 795-121
The Khanty from Pelvozh village
И 1160-20
Girl in a chum (tent)
И 795-112
New mother in a tent
И 795-68
Site of archeological excavation
И 795-19
Packing of archeological materials to be send to Leningrad
И 795-187
Total found on query: 316