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Peoples of Siberia and Far East/
Tutava from village of Paren
И 1933-37
Barn on poles to keep belongings
И 1933-6
Konstantin Bauerman's loghouse
И 1933-133
И 1933-33
Koryak boat type
И 1933-66
Fur applique wrok
№ 2692-138
Smithy: knife sharpening
И 1933-78
И 1933-22
Reindeer breeder who came to the mouth of Gizhiga river from Taygonos peninsula
И 1933-38
Camp of reindeer breeders
И 1933-19
И 1933-81/2
Wife of Konstantin Bauerman at sewing
И 1933-139
View of Orthodox church in Tigil village
№ 2692-100
Fur applique work
№ 2692-130
Fur applique work
№ 2692-131
Blacksmith Kapka sharpens spear
И 1933-79
Group of reindeer breeders
№ 2692-136
И 1933-130
Women with children
И 1933-50/2
Wife of Konstantin Bauerman
И 1933-136
Total found on query: 141