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Peoples of Siberia and Far East/
Woman with child hiding her face for fear of photo camera
И 1177-56
Winter chum: traps and skins are hanging on trees
И 1177-69
И 1177-57
Shaman Luka Kagalev in dugout with cat
И 1177-54
View of Krasnoselkup
И 1177-85
Men listening to radio
И 1177-47
Lypa Kusamin, shaman's son
И 1177-49
Place for woman in chum: bed, cradle, puppies
И 1177-81
Shaman Maksim Bezrukhikh in shaman costume
И 1177-23
General view of dugout in forest
И 1177-64
Lesson at school
И 1177-93
Wife of Tamelkin Junior combing grass for inner soles
И 1177-40
Barn with images of deities
И 1177-111
И 1177-70
Reindeers with velvet antlers
И 1177-29
Hunter Yakin Kusamin
И 1177-74
Dugout and sledges with belongings
И 1177-82
Drawing " shaman's road", ideas about universe
И 1177-16
General view of fire place made of old boat covered by clay
И 1177-63
General view of dugout in forest
И 1177-65
Total found on query: 89