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Peoples of Siberia and Far East/
Imperial Academy of Sciences,Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography: Soyot shaman
№ 2812-39
Horseman starting out
№ 2408-107
Horseman gathering his belongings
№ 2408-105
Horseman mounting a horse
№ 2408-106
Horseman on the way
№ 2408-108
Village social club
И 1989-11
School in the village of Erzin
И 1989-15
Children at car
И 1989-22
Collectiv farm's nursery
И 1989-25
Family living in chadyr - conic bark yourt
И 1989-33
И 1989-34
Remanents of ancient town in the form of square mounds in 5-6 km of Shagonar town
И 1989-40
Ranger around remanents of ancient town in 5-6 km of Shagonar town
И 1989-42
Man in traditional cloths
И 1989-44
Man showing traditional wear of knife and flint
И 1989-45
Portrait of husband and wife - reindeer-breeders (side-face)
МАЭ № 1493-52
Portrait of two men-reindeer-breeders (side-view)
МАЭ № 1493-46
Portrait of two women-reindeer-breeders (front)
МАЭ № 1493-3
The Tavern stone at the Yenisei river
МАЭ № 1493-144
Mountain landscape
МАЭ № 1493-137
Total found on query: 168