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Peoples of Siberia and Far East
Shaman festival
МАЭ № 2220-142
Nursery in collective farm
МАЭ И 972-4
Shaman in everyday costume
МАЭ № 2002-73
Untana Burlaeva's house, former barn bult in the early 1920s, under use as dwelling since 1930s
МАЭ И 1983-162
Shaman in full costume and mask
МАЭ № 2111-61
Th Buryats in European garments
МАЭ № 2220-29
Buryat woman in national dress
МАЭ И 1983-652
"Sor" pyramid preparation
МАЭ № 4275-55
Shaman Shaltil Nemaev (49-year old) in shaman's costume (back view)
МАЭ № 2111-98
Men of different age (side)
МАЭ № 2220-20
Conversation with the village old-timers
МАЭ И 1830-702
At summer stove
МАЭ И 1830-693
Shaman in full costume and mask (side view)
МАЭ № 2111-62
Fishermen's nets
МАЭ И 1830-671
Buddhist temple
МАЭ И 973-6
Total found on query: 7,255