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peoples of Europe/
the Ukrainians
photographic. Types of Ukraine.
№ 10-485-3АРХИВ
photographic. Winter landscape: surroundings of the town of Rakhov
И 1233-5
colored. Children
№ 10-472-3АРХИВ
photographic. Types of Ukraine
№ 10-457-3АРХИВ
painted. Harrowing
№ 10-462-3АРХИВ
photographic. Land of the Hutsul
№ 10-458-3АРХИВ
photographic. Travelling by Bessarabia: fishermen's huts
№ 10-128-1АРХИВ
colored. Types and views of Ukraine: peasants
№ 10-469-3АРХИВ
painted. Hitsul man riding horse (original by S.Obst, 1883)
№ 10-443-3АРХИВ
painted. Wedding in mountains
№ 10-466-3АРХИВ
painted. Woman driving a horse
№ 10-465-3АРХИВ
colored. Types of Ukraine. Peasants at buckwheat treatment
№ 10-446-3АРХИВ
photographic. Zbarazh distruct: peasant types
№ 10-41-1АРХИВ
photographic. Types of Ukraine
№ 10-448-3АРХИВ
photographic. Types of Ukraine: buy broom
№ 10-460-3АРХИВ
photographic. Outskirts of the town of Rakhov in winter
И 1233-14
photographic. Winter landscape: Pistrosh mount (2020 m)
И 1233-7
mezzo-tinto. Young married woman
№ 10-451-3АРХИВ
photographic. Women returning from the Uniat church in the town of Rakhov
И 1233-17
painted. Men playing trembitas (trampets)
№ 10-476-3АРХИВ
Total found on query: 57