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peoples of Europe
Wall protector against rain
И 1830-1249
Two-wheel cart with box
И 1830-395
Portrait of woman, 29-year old (side face)
И 128-36
Terrace steps of dwelling
И 1830-486
Pole to tier dogs
И 1830-1226
Collective farm's cattle resting at the Angara river
И 1830-513
Peasants at vegetable storehouse
И 1800-60
Married woman in festive attire (side face)
И 1747-60
Two aged woman
И 1785-348
Memorial plate of rich donator in synagogue
И 1785-390
Portrait of aged man
И 1785-328
At bazaar
И 1785-127
Market in Tspeya village
И 1747-140
Fur selling
№ 2187-14
School (view from yard)
И 1830-607
И 1830-367
Fur collection at a factory
№ 3301-46
Building of collective farm's administration
И 1830-301
И 1830-1140
Portrait of peasant
И 1747-62
Total found on query: 8,549