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peoples of Europe
colored. Portrait of young woman
№ 10-696-3АРХИВ
Delft, ancient gate
№ 4280-250
photographic. Types of the North. Boy called Antokha
№ 10-204-1АРХИВ
Antwerp, statue of Madonna
№ 4280-204
painted. Byelorussian national dance "kryzhachok"
И 2219-50
painted. Kholmogory figures for bisquits: horseman, cow, dog
И 1266-3
photographic. Stockholm Nordiska Museet: hall No. 4 - Skane
№ 1166-21
colored. Types of Russia: peasant playing balalaika
И 2203-6
painted. Lasztianka
№ 4280-159
painted. Kuvaka - well spring
№ 10-98-1АРХИВ
colored. Koiviston polska (kurkistus) dance
№ 10-701-3АРХИВ
photographic. Everyday life in a village: Mordovian school girl
№ 10-70-1АРХИВ
photographic. Everyday life in a village: in a field
№ 10-132-1АРХИВ
photographic. View of Rome and St. Peter's cathedral drawn by Goethe in 1787
№ 4280-52
colored. Dalarna, Rattvik: country scene with goats
№ 10-541-3АРХИВ
colored. Volga views: Astrakhan. Kalmyk bride riding tu khurul
№ 10-159-1АРХИВ
photographic. Russian types: trio of horses
И 2203-25
photographic. A storehouse at the bank of Uftyuga village in Vologda government
№ 10-83-1АРХИВ
painted. Tirol, mountain tops.
№ 4280-79
Reykjavik: laundry at sea
№ 4280-294
Total found on query: 1,296