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Peoples of America
Headman of Killisnoo Kichnal in chilkat mantle.
№ 1662-1
Indian site panorama
И 2222-2
The Indian dressed in ceremonial costume with rod
И 2222-4
Tlingit shaman torturing warlock
№ 211-2a
Indian Sitka brass band
И 2222-3
Indians treating skins
И 2222-6
Tlingit shaman healing sick man, Alaska
№ 211-2b
Wattled Tlingits` baskets
И 2222-7
Sitka city view from landing-stage
И 2222-1
Missionary G. Chudnovskiy with chiefs and shamans at the chaple of St. Andrew the First-called Apostle
№ 1662-2
The Indian in ceremonial costume
И 2222-5
Hunter's winter equipment
И 115-68
View of Kadiuveo ornamented clay vessel
№ 1391-229
Mitrofan Golodov
№ 2826-1357
Natalia Kryukova (front)
№ 2826-1552
Aleutian Anna Golyh
№ 2826-995
Shaman's kamlanie (shaman's ritual) among the Aleutians.
№ 2826-108
Aleutian Stepan Glotov at a kayak.
№ 2826-284
The Aleutians in ancient cloths in kayak
№ 2826-109
Headman I. Suvorov in cropping wear.
№ 2826-56
Total found on query: 1,064