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Peoples of America
photographic. Grey Bear
№ 644-45
photographic. Chief White Bull
№ 644-39
painted. A horserider
№ 10-1486-6АРХИВ
photographic. Rain in the Face
№ 644-42
painted. A hunter
№ 10-1485-6АРХИВ
colored. A Cree Indian
№ 10-1450-6АРХИВ
photographic. Yellow Dog
№ 644-38
photographic. Chief Little Head
№ 644-36
colored. Discovered
№ 10-1460-6АРХИВ
colored. In the land of "King Cotton"
№ 10-1455-6АРХИВ
painted. Chief Red Owl
№ 10-1444-6АРХИВ
painted. Imperial Academy of Sciences. Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography: the Californians in feather ritual costumes
№ 10-1195-5АРХИВ
postcard. Corn grinding, Pueblo of Laguna
№ 10-1442-6АРХИВ
painted. Sunrise
№ 10-1466-6АРХИВ
colored. Navaho woman baking bread
№ 10-1452-6АРХИВ
colored. Natives of the Southwest
№ 10-924-4АРХИВ
photographic. Chief Joseph
№ 644-47
photographic. Bear Coat
№ 644-44
painted. The sacred picture of the Indian sand painter
№ 10-1465-6АРХИВ
painted. Illustration to Longfellow's "The Song of Hiawatha"
№ 10-1445-6АРХИВ
Total found on query: 107