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Peoples of East Asia
photographic. Korean children in winter cloths
И 762-17
photographic. Peasants at rice polishing
И 762-10
photographic. Celebration of the 60th anniverasry
№ 2513-9
colored. In a garden
№ 10-873-4АРХИВ
photographic. The manner of the natives of Hokkaido, Japan
№ 2506-20
photographic. Court house in Seoul
И 762-4
colored. Woman's portrait
№ 10-866-4АРХИВ
photographic. A carrier
№ 2685-99
photographic. Water cariers at river
№ 2685-107
painted. Ruines of palace destroied by the European troops during the Boxers uprising (1899-1901)
№ 3651-315
photographic. Post street in Seoul
И 762-3
painted. View of a lake ("The Middle Sea") in Beijing Winter palace complex
№ 3651-312
painted. Beijing station of the Beijing-Hankow railway
№ 3651-308
photographic. The coolies taking dinner
№ 10-781-4АРХИВ
photographic. Ceremony of funeral of Mikaso Mutsihito: British guard of honor
№ 2939-12
photographic. Korean court and ordinary dancers
№ 2685-104
photographic. Statues of "two kings" in Miruo temple
№ 2685-120
colored. Japanese silkworm industry
№ 10-865-4АРХИВ
colored. Round dance
№ 10-849-4АРХИВ
painted. Nan Tien Men of the South Heaven gate
№ 3651-345
Total found on query: 958