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Peoples of South-West Asia/
photographic. Mauresque dance
№ 10-1341-5АРХИВ
photographic. A girl with mother
№ 10-1345-5АРХИВ
photographic. Algeria. Basket wickering
№ 10-1539-6АРХИВ
photographic. Jewelry workshop in Dakar (Senegal)
№ 10-1538-6АРХИВ
photographic. Young Moresque
№ 10-1536-6АРХИВ
photographic. Mauresque dance
№ 10-1342-5АРХИВ
photographic. Young woman with jar
№ 10-1535-6АРХИВ
photographic. Young woman with daughter
№ 10-1534-6АРХИВ
photographic. Woman in rich costume
№ 10-1533-6АРХИВ
photographic. Young Tunisian women
№ 10-1347-5АРХИВ
photographic. Woman with plate of couscous
№ 10-1542-6АРХИВ
Water carriers
И 1946-48
Constantine: Sidi-Mesid rapids
И 417-8
A coffee house
И 1946-41
In a mosque
И 417-170
View of Algerie
И 417-164
Group of men with woman and girl
И 1946-59
Bride in wedding costume
И 1306-7
A boy with mule
И 1946-52
In the streets of Biskкa
И 417-25
Total found on query: 325