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peoples of Central Asia/
Women cleaning and drying grains
МАЭ И 74-1
Manufactory shop at bazaar
МАЭ И 73-58
People listening to the radio in bazaar
МАЭ И 73-102/1
The Pasrud river valley
МАЭ № 3557-31
 Braiding of braids with the pattern on a loom
МАЭ И 1066-2
Women  picking wool
МАЭ № 3489-145
A man dancing and playing violine
МАЭ И 74-24
The Red Army in the field
МАЭ И 1862-273
Cemetery at mazar (tomb) of Mullo Shamsuddin
МАЭ № 3557-186
Women-delegates of collective farmers meeting, in the center - woman, member of Central Executive Committee of the Tadjik Soviet Socialist Republic
МАЭ И 73-40
Men drinking tea at mazar (tomb) Kaynar
МАЭ № 3489-40
Mazar (tomb) of Hushvo Hodja
МАЭ № 3557-167
МАЭ № 4382-32
"Noodles Cooking" ance
МАЭ И 1397-93
Turkestan Album: praying in Sheih Maslahatdin mosque
МАЭ И 1718-246
Building of new mosque as result of agitation by rich land owners and priesthood
МАЭ И 58-188
Turkestan Album: praying in Kok-Gumbyaz mosque
МАЭ И 1718-244
Mazar (tomb) Hushvo Hodja
МАЭ № 3557-166
Group of men maintaining Hazrati-Burh tomb
МАЭ И 58-206
Mazar in Basid village
МАЭ № 2371-49
Total found on query: 1,461