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peoples of Central Asia/
The top collective farmer
МАЭ И 1038-1
Resting during field works
МАЭ № 4259-25
In carpet and tapestry workshop
МАЭ И 1038-36
The Types of Central Asia Peoples album: Donxiang woman, 21-year old
МАЭ И 2205-59
Group of children
МАЭ № 4259-11
Brinning of agriculture devices
МАЭ № 4259-43
An old China-type house
МАЭ И 1038-21
Collective farmers dining
МАЭ И 1038-19
At tea drinking
МАЭ И 1038-18
Recruite at medical examination
МАЭ И 1038-44
In a yard
МАЭ И 1038-22
Peasants at rice field
МАЭ № 4259-32
Handing over rice from public barns
МАЭ № 4259-38
Repairing rice thrashing roll
МАЭ № 4259-30
Portrait of Donxiangs ensemble arranger
МАЭ И 1038-38
Women at lessons under campaign against illiteracy
МАЭ И 1038-26
A kindergarten
МАЭ И 1038-25
Harrowing rice field
МАЭ № 4259-19
A girl in workaday costume
МАЭ И 1038-5
The head of collective farm and the head of village soviet
МАЭ И 1038-34
Total found on query: 158