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peoples of Central Asia/
Woman at sewing cloths
МАЭ И 2035-210
The Types of Central Asia Peoples album: Donxiang woman, 30-year old
МАЭ И 2205-58
Red tea house, dishes taken away from "kulaks" (rich peasants)
МАЭ № 4259-41
Group of peasants
МАЭ № 4259-14
Building of former secondary school
МАЭ И 1038-30
Group of peasants
МАЭ № 4259-13
Clover fiels
МАЭ № 4259-18
Resting during field works
МАЭ № 4259-23
Rice thrashing by stone roll
МАЭ № 4259-24
Peasants cathing  eatable locust
МАЭ № 4259-34
Rice straw transportation on carts
МАЭ И 1038-16
Woman in festive costume (side-face)
МАЭ № 4259-1
Cherry orchad in bloom
МАЭ № 4259-17
At lessons in Donxiang school
МАЭ И 1903-191
Group portrait of men
МАЭ № 4259-7
A trio
МАЭ И 1038-45
Group of men with children dining
МАЭ № 4259-16
Future teachers under campaign against illiteracy
МАЭ И 1038-27
Common rice stock in the former mosque
МАЭ № 4259-36
Portrait of man
МАЭ И 1038-41
Total found on query: 158