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peoples of Central Asia/
Townsmen and women returning from prayings
И 294-141
Tents and wooden storehouses of food and utensils in Ulan-Bator outskirts
И 293-30
Women's waistcoat "kantas"
И 294-67
И 294-127
Children in wooden platfrom for tent
И 293-27
Tent frame placed on a cart
И 293-10
Chinese brick building with tile roof
И 293-63
Larch of pine-tree log construction
И 293-56
Women's waistcoat "kantas"
И 294-68
Spectators after theatre performance
И 294-148
Poor men
И 294-16
Woman in traditional winter costume (side view)
И 294-90
Man in traditional fox hat "malahai"
И 294-3
Schoolchildren in winter costumes
И 294-116
Window sticked up by Chinese rise paper and with statue of patron spirit Ubugun nearby
И 293-67
И 294-130
The First of May demonstration: the masked presenting the middle class
И 297-5
View of street with fence
И 293-49
View of tent "maihan" with traditional ornament
И 293-40
Holy pictures
№ 1235-39
Total found on query: 1,210