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peoples of Central Asia/
Herd of yaks
№ 575-40
View of mountain crossing
№ 573-19
A scene of Nadam festival
И 1026-175
Townsmen and women returning from prayings
И 294-141
The Kentei Mountains: rocks in taiga
И 1026-45
At bazaar.
№ 1368-106
Ruines of Teri-nore
№ 573-14
Portrait of woman, 49 years old
№ 128-32
The Mongols' camp at Ganchzhur
И 1078-50
№ 1368-191
Dwelling of the Communications and Ministry of Internal Affairs' officials
И 1299-32
Expedition of the Russian-Mongol Society on the way from Hailar to Ganchzhur
И 1078-25
Woman in fetsive costume
№ 1368-144
The Kentei Mountains: the upper stream of the Tola river
И 1026-43
Girls riding horses
№ 1368-93
Mountain landscape
№ 1368-14
The waterworks
И 1299-135
Tents and wooden storehouses of food and utensils in Ulan-Bator outskirts
И 293-30
The first retail shop
И 1299-145
Consular village
И 1299-15
Total found on query: 1,210