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peoples of Central Asia/
settled population of West Turkestan
Sweets seller's shop
И 1179-9
Woman in purdah at Registan square
И 1179-14
Gate in Bukhara
И 1179-1
Paupers in Samarkand
И 674-196
Turkestan Album: young woman
МАЭ И 1718-259
Turkestan Album: portrait of young man
МАЭ И 1718-231
МАЭ И 673-29
Turkestan Album: blacksmith's tools
МАЭ И 1718-132
Turkestan Album: celebration of the New Year - sellers of toys
МАЭ И 1718-27
Turkestan Album: celebration of the New Year - sellers of roasted fish
МАЭ И 1718-26
Turkestan Album: nai-sarvazy player
МАЭ И 1718-88
Turkestan Album: men roasting meat
МАЭ И 1718-190
A water carrier
МАЭ И 1179-47
Turkestan Album: Hodja-Ishin, the official at Badal mosque
МАЭ И 1718-33
Turkestan Album: scene of Kurban Bayram
МАЭ И 1718-29
Turkestan Album: women's attire
МАЭ И 1718-281
Turkestan Album: copper articles shop
МАЭ И 1718-288
The Types of Central Asia Peoples album: Sart girl, 20-year old
МАЭ И 2205-5
Turkestan Album: reed wickering
МАЭ И 1718-158
Turkestan Album: shagreen treatment
МАЭ И 1718-163
Total found on query: 247