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peoples of Central Asia
To thw 25th anniversary of the Pioneers' organization. Young cattle breeder Ogul among his fosterlings
МАЭ № 10-350-1АРХИВ
Cheleken: Turkmen family
МАЭ № 10-60-1АРХИВ
Group portrait of men in traditional costume
МАЭ № 2590-20
Astrakhan. Kirgiz man - icebreaker
МАЭ № 10-64-1АРХИВ
Astrakhan. Kirgiz man - birds seller
МАЭ № 10-65-1АРХИВ
Trans-Caspian views: camels loaded with coal
МАЭ № 10-314-1АРХИВ
From everydaylife of the Kirgiz: man in caravan waggon - his summer dwelling
МАЭ № 10-171-1АРХИВ
Kirgiz family (Astrakhan Government)
МАЭ № 10-170-1АРХИВ
Trans-Caspian types: Kirgiz man
МАЭ № 10-229-1АРХИВ
Greetings from Omsk. Inside a Kirgiz yurt
МАЭ № 10-249-1АРХИВ
Frunze. Types of the Kirgiz
МАЭ № 10-289-1АРХИВ
Trans-Caspian views: Kirgiz village
МАЭ № 10-293-1АРХИВ
Kirgiz dwelling at Astrakhan
МАЭ № 10-156-1АРХИВ
Annau: mosque built in 1495
МАЭ № 10-298-1АРХИВ
Kirgiz bride in wedding costume. The Altai.
МАЭ № 10-239-1АРХИВ
Peoples of the Caucasus in national costumes. The Turkmen - Turkmen woman from the North Caucasus (original drawing by M. Tilke, 1910)
МАЭ И 2087-51
Turkmenia. Silkworm industry. Worker of silk factory at home at needlework
МАЭ № 10-357-1АРХИВ
Astrakhan: types of the Kirgiz
МАЭ № 10-33-1АРХИВ
Turkestan types: three Teke women
МАЭ № 10-354-1АРХИВ
Cheleken: Turkmen woman
МАЭ № 10-353-1АРХИВ
Total found on query: 67