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peoples of Central Asia
Cheleken: Turkmen girls
МАЭ № 10-87-1АРХИВ
Cheleken: boy riding donkey
МАЭ № 10-349-1АРХИВ
Cheleken: boys
МАЭ № 10-337-1АРХИВ
All-union meeting of pioneers. Turkmen pioneer
МАЭ № 10-356-1АРХИВ
All-union meeting of pioneers. Russian and Turkmen girls-pioneers
МАЭ № 10-355-1АРХИВ
Cheleken: group of Turkmen girls
МАЭ № 10-327-1АРХИВ
Everyday life of peoples of the USSSR: peasants playing chess (Ashkhabad)
МАЭ № 10-325-1АРХИВ
Total found on query: 67