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Peoples of South Asia
Pidurutalagala - the highest mountain of Ceylon
МАЭ № 3013-46
The main part of the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic
МАЭ № 3013-292
Dancing to expel the demons (with masks)
МАЭ № 3013-284
Barges at the bank
МАЭ № 3013-228
The so-called "Temple tree"
МАЭ № 3013-143
Wall-paintings inside the Buddhist monastery (scenes from the Buddha's life)
МАЭ № 3013-294
Poḷonnaruwa - medieval capital of Ceylon. An architectural detail of the staircase.
МАЭ № 3013-357
Anuradhapura (an ancient capital). Mihintale, Mahaseya dagoba.
МАЭ № 3013-340
Nanu Oya pass
МАЭ № 3013-36
Palace built for women of Maharaja family. The Palace has  953 windows to watch life in the streets.
МАЭ № 1002-16/2
Lewelling a field after sowing
МАЭ № 3013-258
Indian muslims at prayer in mosque in Delhi.
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МАЭ № 2844-19
Anuradhapura (an ancient capital). Ruins of peacock palace.
МАЭ № 3013-318
A cart "ekka" at the Victoria railwaystation in Bombay.
МАЭ № 1002-1/2
Nepal gorsl with baggage.
МАЭ № 1002-98/2
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