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Burkhanists' village
И 122-89
Kabardian ornament for middle screw of sabre. Silver with blackening ornament.
И 1265-2
Cone-shape yourt
И 122-25
Fisherman's work costume
И 1498-123
Kam Tashtan's jupe (front)
№ 2298-28
Women's breast decoration
И 1629-91
"Ethnographic drawings: wear, utensils, arms and other things belonging to diko-kamennyje and bolshoi ordy Kirgiz": parts of harness and arms
№ 2643-1/5
Portrait of young woman
№ 4030-4
Woman in traditional costume (back view)
И 122-42
Chapel at Old-Believers's cemetery
И 2018-135
Window frame
И 2018-89
View of Kyshtymov ulus
И 1629-99
View of Kyshtymov ulus
И 1629-97
И 122-32
Kam Abakai's tambourine
№ 2298-10
Sacrificial construction "tailga"
№ 2298-56
Women's breast decoration
И 1629-90
Portrait of girl
И 122-49
General view of homestead
И 2018-130
Portrait of man (68 years old)
И 541-43
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