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Anatomic specimens of Frederick Ruysch/
specimens attributed with descriptions in the 18th-century catalogues
Dissected injected apple of an eye of a bull
№ 4070-309
Hand of child holding injected dura mater
№ 4070-182
Lower part of spinal cord of an adult ("horse tail")
№ 4070-243
Injected kidney and adrenal gland of foetus
№ 4070-572
Part of hepar with ganglial degeneration
№ 4070-520
Injected specimen of abdominal cavity organs of a child (ventricle, pancreas, lien)
№ 4070-399
Injected stomach of adult
№ 4070-404
Specimen of enlarged testis of an adult and arm of child
№ 4070-677
Transverse section of neck part of backbone of a baby with spinal cord
№ 4070-241
Heart of child filled with red paste
№ 4070-386
Injected lung of baby fixed to hand of child
№ 4070-342
Upper part of left femoral bone of an adult with deformed capitulum
№ 4070-855
Arm with hart of a new born child
№ 4070-341
Dissected apple of an eye of large cetaecan
№ 4070-307
Region of a an apple of eye of cetaecean
№ 4070-308
Pia mater of a human with injected vessels in a hand of a newborn
№ 4070-196
Eyeball with muscles of human
№ 4070-317
Injected small and blind intestines with vermiform appendix
№ 4070-468
Foetal sacrum (os sacrum) together with a testicle of a grown up
№ 4070-846
Two injected specimens of parts of backbone of child with spinal cord
№ 4070-249
Total found on query: 43