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Anatomic specimens of Frederick Ruysch
Glans penis with urethra which does not reach it
№ 4070-600
Specimen of eye lid of an adult
№ 4070-336
Injected testicle and spermatic cord of newborn
№ 4070-623
Fragment of chest wall of a child including 6 ribs.
№ 4070-130
Lower part of spinal cord of an adult ("horse tail")
№ 4070-243
Injected specimen of two-horn uterus of animal with vagina and part of urinary bladder
№ 4070-689
Two injected kidneys of children, one of them with adrenal
№ 4070-559
Heart of animal filled with red paste
№ 4070-380
Upper fragment of wall chest of a child including 3 ribs
№ 4070-134
Injected kidney of child cut along
№ 4070-568
Piece of brain of a human with well injected vessels
№ 4070-187
Right arm of a child with anatomized injected radial and brachial arteries and veins
№ 4070-118
Lower part of spinal cord of an adult ("horse tail")
№ 4070-245
№ 4070-917
Part of injected thickened spleen
№ 4070-545
Nonidentified parasite
№ 4070-924
Specimen of part of wall chest of a child with injected vessels
№ 4070-125
Piece of injected skin
№ 4070-75
Heart of adult filled with red mass
№ 4070-373
Dissected uterus with adnexas
№ 4070-627
Total found on query: 823