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Specimen of hard palate of large animal (lion) and piece of injected tongue of animal.
МАЭ № 4070-264
Injected piece of wall of small intestine
МАЭ № 4070-494
Part of injected mucous coat of gullet on branch of plant
МАЭ № 4070-447
Part of Injected kidney of an adult with capsule
МАЭ № 4070-566
Injected dissected kidney of child, without capsule
МАЭ № 4070-549
Injected small intestine with mucosa to the outside
МАЭ № 4070-420
Hepar of child with injected portal vein
МАЭ № 4070-498
Injected kidney of child with adrenal
МАЭ № 4070-558
Injected spleen of child
МАЭ № 4070-506
Two pieces of tongue of bull
МАЭ № 4070-275
Cross section and end part of penis of large animal
МАЭ № 4070-592
Region of a an apple of eye of cetaecean
МАЭ № 4070-308
Pancreas with distendent parenchyma
МАЭ № 4070-487
Injected head of newborn
МАЭ № 4070-311
Specimen of eye lid with complete assist devices: lids, muscles, vessels, nerves, glands
МАЭ № 4070-328
Injected kidney of child cut along
МАЭ № 4070-567
Left arm of a few-week-old child with large epiploon of adult
МАЭ № 4070-483
Injected kidney with large pelvis (without capsule)
МАЭ № 4070-582
Back part of eyeball of human
МАЭ № 4070-323
Eyeball of human
МАЭ № 4070-326
Total found on query: 822