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Reconstructing the appearance of ancient and medieval humans
Murzak-Koba. Mandible and upper vertebrae of skeleton 1 (cranium removed). The odontoid process of the axis is visible through the atlas foramen).
И 602-41
Murzak-Koba: position of right hand of skeleton I. Animal rib with tracks of processing is at wrist; flint flake is at elbow bone
И 602-43
Burial at Yuzhny Oleniy Island
И 1886-108
Neolithic woman from the Shigir peat bog site.
№ 7591-3
Female member of the Vyatichi tribe
№ 6080-20
Triple burial No.55,56,57 at Yuzhny Oleniy Island
И 1886-50
Mesolithic man from Yuzhny Oleniy (Southern Reindeer) Island (Onega Lake)
№ 6080-14
Mesolithcic woman from Murzak-Koba rockshelter (Crimea)
№ 6080-12
Burial at Yuzhny Oleniy Island
И 1886-121
Murzak-Koba: burials with grid. Cranium of skeleton 1 is removed
И 602-37
Murzak-Koba: detail of skeletons clearing - skulls and thoraces
И 602-38
Murzak-Koba: skeletons in the process of clearing
И 602-30
Murzak-Koba: Clearing the crania
И 602-28
Murzak-Koba: skeletons cleared, view from the inside of the grotto
И 602-35
General view of Iskar Mount with Murzak-Koba grotto
И 602-1а
Murzak-Koba. Screening the ground of the 3rd level: Helix snail shells
И 602-10
Double burial at Yuzhny Oleniy Island
И 1886-79
Woman from early medieval Sogdia
№ 6080-23
Double burial at Yuzhny Oleniy Island
И 1886-77
Early Iron Age man from Lugovskoy cemetery, Ananyino culture
№ 6080-16
Total found on query: 45