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photographic. Russian types: trio of horses
И 2203-25
colored. Russian types: horse trio and coachman
И 2203-10
photographic. Pet Persian gazelle
№ 10-299-1АРХИВ
colored. Belgian milk cart
№ 10-514-3АРХИВ
photographic. Cheleken: one-humped camel
№ 10-95-1АРХИВ
photographic. Camel caravan
№ 10-757-4АРХИВ
Street in reykjavik
№ 4280-293
photographic. Types of the Caucasus. Collier, horses and donkeys
№ 10-1061-2АРХИВ
mezzo-tinto. Zoological seria: camel dromedary
№ 10-295-1АРХИВ
painted. Illustration to the fable by I.A. Krylov " Frog and Bull"
№ 10-1135-5АРХИВ
Knocke-sur-Mer, in the dunes
№ 4280-236
photographic. Domestic reindeers in Tuva
№ 10-238АРХИВ
photographic. Brugge, dog team
№ 4280-230
photographic. Cheleken: one-humpel camel
№ 10-77-1АРХИВ
Knocke-sur-Mer, landscape with village
№ 4280-234
colored. Belgian sheepdog: dog-driven cart
№ 10-513-3АРХИВ
colored. Belgian milk cart
№ 10-530-3АРХИВ
mezzo-tinto. Everyday life of peoples of the USSSR: camels in the sands of Kara-Kum (Ashkhabad)
№ 10-330-1АРХИВ
Caravan in oasis
МАЭ И 417-124
Elephants crossing the river
МАЭ № 3013-224
Total found on query: 68