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photographic. Polish Roman Catholic church of Vergin Mary in Krakow
№ 530-1
colored. Iris flowering
№ 10-880-4АРХИВ
photographic. Winter landscape: surroundings of the town of Rakhov
И 1233-5
painted. View of West Lake
№ 3651-336
postcard. View of king's castle in Krakow
№ 530-8
№ 4280-298
photographic. Hunters' huts at the Karaulnaya river
№ 10-176-1АРХИВ
photographic. Insbruck: view of Maria-Theresia street
№ 4280-102
photographic. View of building of ancient capital of Khmer kingdom - Angkor-vat
№ 1867-37
photographic. Ancientry of Minusinsk region. Cemetery at battlefield
№ 10-260-1АРХИВ
painted. Tirol, mountain tops.
№ 4280-79
photographic. Princess M.K. Tenisheva's museum in Smolensk
№ 10-1145-5АРХИВ
Knocke, sea view
№ 4280-238
photographic. Transbaikal railway: general view of Shilka station over 906 versts
№ 10-207-1АРХИВ
painted. The Chu-Yung pass in the Great Wall
№ 3651-391
photographic. Ruines of ancient Merw: water tank
№ 10-307-1АРХИВ
painted. Three travellers at mountain top
№ 4280-84
postcard. View of king's castle in Krakow
№ 530-11
postcard. In St.Anthonys church
№ 530-12
painted. Bridge of the eight immortals
№ 3651-392
Total found on query: 919