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photographic. Ancientry of Minusinsk region. Cemetery at battlefield
№ 10-260-1АРХИВ
painted. Tirol, mountain tops.
№ 4280-79
Knocke, sea view
№ 4280-238
painted. Three travellers at mountain top
№ 4280-84
painted. Misurina Lake
№ 4280-83
painted. Mountain hut
№ 4280-78
photographic. Ancientry of Minusinsk region. Greater Salbyk mound
№ 10-262-1АРХИВ
colored. Douglas Fairbanks supervising a "Set" at Pickford-Fairbanks Studios, Hollywood
№ 10-905-4АРХИВ
photographic. Monument to Pasteur in Paris
№ 10-100-1АРХИВ
photographic. The Crimea: Nikitski Imperial garden
№ 10-175-1АРХИВ
photographic. View of Monte Cristallo
№ 4280-80
colored. San Diego Mission, California, founed 1769
№ 10-896-4АРХИВ
painted. Swimming pool
№ 3651-343
colored. Rodolph Valentino, Gloria Swanson and Elinor Glyn awaiting "camera". Paramaunt Studios, Hollywood
№ 10-913-4АРХИВ
photographic. Military-Georgian Road. Rocks between Pasanaur and Mleta
И 2064-20
photographic. Military-Georgian Road. Daryalskoye gorge. Gyulety place.
И 2064-26
colored. An early California street scene built within doors; sky "drop" painted in. christies Film Studios, Hollywood
№ 10-915-4АРХИВ
colored. Oranges and snowfields
№ 10-917-4АРХИВ
painted. Tomb and tample on the place of Chuko Liang death
№ 3651-384
colored. San Antonio Mission, California, founded 1771
№ 10-897-4АРХИВ
Total found on query: 919