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photographic. View of Hall
№ 4280-104
photographic. Transbaikal railway: general view of Shilka station over 906 versts
№ 10-207-1АРХИВ
photographic. Fishermen at dining
№ 10-42-1АРХИВ
painted. Queen of the Cake Walk
№ 10-1507-6АРХИВ
colored. A Cree Indian
№ 10-1450-6АРХИВ
photographic. Making batic
№ 3472-12
photographic. Arkhangelsk government: a peasant woman from Mezen in national costume
№ 10-202-1АРХИВ
photographic. Types of Russia: group of girls in traditional costumes
И 2219-6
painted. Harvesters
№ 10-20-1АРХИВ
photographic. The Ainu of Hokkaido
№ 2506-1
photographic. Manchuria: travelling musicians
№ 10-777-4АРХИВ
painted. The Chu-Yung pass in the Great Wall
№ 3651-391
photographic. Chinese policeman
№ 10-747-4АРХИВ
colored. Portrait of young woman
№ 10-695-3АРХИВ
painted. Turkish officials' costumes (Medjmouai tecavir (Collection de costumes)
№ 10-1549-6АРХИВ
painted. Harrowing
№ 10-462-3АРХИВ
photographic. Folklore group of Makedonia
И 2011-55
photographic. Russian types: women sawing wood
И 2203-21
photographic. Yellow Dog
№ 644-38
photographic. Russian types: peasant children
И 2219-25
Total found on query: 3,908