Gerasimov Mikhail Mikhailovich. Andrey Bogolyubsky.

Andrey Bogolyubsky
Collection MAE RAS: № 6080-26
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№ 6080-26
Andrey Bogolyubsky
Gerasimov Mikhail Mikhailovich
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Moscow city
Andrey Yuryevich Bogolyubsky was the Great Prince of Vladimir, grandson of Vladimir Monomachos. His birth date is unknown (in the 18th century, V.N. Tatishchev, who had used a subsequently lost source, mentioned 1111); he was murdered by the boyars in 1174. Son of Yuri Dolgorukiy and a Cuman princess. During his reign, the Vladimir-Suzdal princedom became the most powerful in Rus and the core area of the future Russian state. Andrey’s residence was the village of Bogolyubovo near Vladimir, and it was there that he was killed. In the early 1700s his remains were placed in a silver arc in the Dormition Cathedral of Vladimir. In 1935 the arc was opened up. Based on the cranium, the prince’s age at death was estimated at 45-50, not 63, as Tatishchev’s History implies. The discrepancy may have been caused by a malfunction of the thyroid gland. Vladimir’s physical type was Caucasoid, however Gerasimov notes certain Mongoloid features, possibly inherited from the prince’s Cuman mother.
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