Jubako – a set of lunch boxes.

Jubako – a set of lunch boxes
Collection MAE RAS: № 13-2a
Image ID: 3514111
Museum inventory number:
№ 13-2a
Jubako – a set of lunch boxes
early 19th c.
wood, bamboo, lacquer vanish, glue
bending, lacquering
Dimensions, cm:
17.5 x 17.5 x 20.0
Overmeer Fisscher, van Iohann Friedrich, Foreign corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences in St.Petersburg
Jubako is a set of lunch or picnic boxes used for serving Japanese meal, including that at the open air. This jubako is an example of traditional lacquered wickerwork. The form is cubic, consists of a black lacquer platform with a handle and three square boxes for dishes, placed one upon another. The bottom box stands on the platform, the upper has a cover. The lunch boxes themselves are made of woven bamboo vein. Their interiors are painted with red lacquer. Black stylized characters 壽 ju – “long life” and福 fuku – “good fortune” are interwoven into surface.