War bow without bowstring. Kodiak Eskimos, Chugach. USA , Alaska state, Kodiak. North America, The North-West of the continent, Alaska, Kodiak Island.

War bow without bowstring
Collection MAE RAS: № 7401-15
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№ 7401-15
War bow without bowstring
Kodiak Eskimos, Chugach
USA , Alaska state, Kodiak
North America, The North-West of the continent, Alaska, Kodiak Island
Billings Joseph, English mariner in Russian service, leader of the Northeastern Geographical Expedition (1785-1794) for exploration of the North Pacific
wood, paint, leather, sinew
length 132 cm, width 4.7 cm, thickness 4.1 cm
Reinforced war bows were more commonly found among the Kodiak Alutiits on the western side of the island because they were much more likely to be exposed to attacks from the Aleuts and from Eskimos from the Alaska Peninsula. “ The bows of the Koniags are simple and fragile: those of the Kenais and the Alaskans are taut, wound with sinew, made and decorated tastefully. Their arrows are short with stone points or on occasion iron points; but for the most part the Koniags do not shoot very well with bows” (Davydov 1812: 149).
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