Gerasimov Mikhail Mikhailovich. Early Iron Age man from Lugovskoy cemetery, Ananyino culture.

Early Iron Age man from Lugovskoy cemetery, Ananyino culture
Collection MAE RAS: № 6080-16
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Museum inventory number:
№ 6080-16
Early Iron Age man from Lugovskoy cemetery, Ananyino culture
Gerasimov Mikhail Mikhailovich
Reconstruction date:
before 1948
Moscow city
The Ananyino culture existed in the Volga–Kama watershed in the 8th–3d centuries BC. The cemetery at Lugovskoye on the Kama River, associated with it, was excavated by A.V. Zbruyeva and P.P. Efimenko in 1938-43. The physical type of the people buried there is unusual for Europeans because of being markedly Mongoloid, combining a very broad and flat face and a flat nose. The face, however, was low. In certain individuals, Mongoloid features are less expressed, probably because of European admixture. People buried at Lugovskoy or their ancestors had likely migrated to the Kama area from western Siberia or from the northern Ural. M.M. Gerasimov reconstructed the appearance of a male from Lugovskoy. In his words, this is a representative of an ancient Mongoloid type, which has been preserved in certain modern peoples such as Nenets and Mansi. Its features are also evident in Mari, Udmurt, Chuvash, Tatars, and Sami as well as in certain populations of western Siberia.
Reconstructing the appearance of ancient and medieval humans, Plastic reconstructions