Katana-zutsu sword-case.

Katana-zutsu sword-case
Collection MAE RAS: № 13-9b
Image ID: 1242067772
Museum inventory number:
№ 13-9b
Katana-zutsu sword-case
late 18th – early 19th c.
paulownia, lacquer vanish, Japanese washigami paper, water color, glue
lacquering, painting
Dimensions, cm:
the bottom part: 121.0 x 23.0 x 8.0; the cover: 121.0 x 23.0 x 5.0
Overmeer Fisscher, van Iohann Friedrich, Foreign corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences in St.Petersburg
This case seems to be specially made to the order of Overmeer Fisscher for placing his katanas mentioned above. The case consists of the bottom part with two cross-bars for placing swords and the cover; both are covered with black kuro-urushi lacquer at the outside, whereas at the inside it is decorated with ornamented washigami paper. The ornament is known as chiyogami - a wood-block print of various stylizes flowers (lotuses, peonies, bitter orange blossoms, etc.) on the red-brown background. A brass medallion in the form of a chrysanthemum is attached to the front side of the case.