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Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) RAS

Yury Chistov – Chief of the Project, Director of MAE, Dr. , Julia Kupina - Deputy Director of MAE, Ph.D., Andrey Melnikov - Deputy Director of MAE, Pavel Pogorelsky - Chief curator of MAE, Ph.D., Tatyana Savina - Chief Accountant of MAE, Tatyana Bogomazova - Project manager, Head of the department of Information Technologies of MAE, Ph.D., Artem Kozlov - Head of service maintenance of MAE, Maria Hartanovich - Leading expert on the database of MAE Maria Soboleva - Designer-programmer of MAE , Lubov Yakovleva, American ethnography department assistant, Ksenia Vozdigan, South and South West Asia Department assistant


Yuri Loshak, Director General, Project Manager; Yelena Koscheeva, Deputy General Director, Database Programming, Sergei Lisovoy, Head of Multimedia and Internet Projects Department; Stanislav Grozdilov, Principal Designer

Lank Systems Ltd.

ZAO "Mobikon"

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L. Gavrilova