Rezvan E.A. In the Mirrors of Time: Kenya photo collection by Gerhard Lindblom: photo exhibition catalogue. SPb., 2010.
   E.A. Rezvan
   MAE RAS, Petronivs
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In 1913, the MAE acquired a large Kamba collection (its original name Akamba, in plural, and Mukamba, in singular) from a young Swedish explorer named Gerhard Lindblom (1887 — 1969); a collection of artifacts of the Bantu people, living mainly in the historical region of Ukambani, which lies in the south of Kenya in the Ati river basin. This collection (No. 2130) consisted of 216 items and was supplemented by a very interesting collection of photographs (No. 2151). The exhibition project in honour of the 100 anniversary of the foundation of the National Museum of Kenya was made possible through the good offices of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the occasion of the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov to the Republic of Kenya (November 2010).

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