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The exhibition shows the traditional clothing of the Mongols, domestic utensils and decorations, musical instruments, handicraft items and items of traditional art.

A special place is devoted to items from the lives of livestock breeders. Equipment for horse riding, felt and leather items have always been the special pride of the Mongol nomads.

The traditional dwelling of the Mongols is the yurt. Light and durable, yurts have been a symbol of Mongolian culture for centuries, and give an idea about the organisation of the world around them and society. 

There are interesting items connected with the religious views of the Mongols, and of special interest is the costume of a Darkhat shaman woman: shamans always accompanied soothsaying or a request for a favour from patron spirits with ritual actions.

The display shows a collection of Tsam mystery masks made of papier-m50082ch50089. These are images of angry Buddhist gods – defenders of the faith. Mongol monks used them during mysteries.

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