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Head of Scientific Branch

Head of Scientific Branch



3 Universitetsky Embankment, 199034, Saint Petersburg

Phone: +7(812) 328-08-12


In 1971, Dr. Chistov enrolled in the Faculty of History of the A. A. Zhdanov Leningrad State University (since 1991 - St. Petersburg State University), Department of ethnography and anthropology. In 1979, he graduated with honors from the Department of anthropology and ethnography. From 1976 to 197, he took a postgraduate course at the Department of anthropology of the Leningrad division of the N. N. Miklouho-Maclay Institute of ethnography and anthropology of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Scientific adviser: I. I. Gokhman (Doctor of Sciences, Head of the Department of anthropology). In 1983, he defended his dissertation, Differentiation of human races by the structure of the median-sagittal contour of the skull for the degree of Candidate of Historical Sciences. In 2000, he earned the Doctor of Sciences degree in history at the N. N. Miklouho-Maclay Institute of ethnology and anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The title of his doctoral dissertation is Anthropology of the ancient and modern population of eastern Yemen.

Biological, social and cultural anthropology and archeology of ancient and modern populations of the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, Central Asia; evolutionary morphology of the human skull; paleopathology; multidimensional statistical methods in the processing of anthropological data; databases in anthropological research; history of early museums and collections; museology; museum management; multimedia technologies in museums.


During the periods from 1972 to1986 and from 1992 to 2000 Dr. Chistov participated in the following archaeological excavations and field anthropological research:

  • Southern Siberia, participation in the excavation of Bronze Age burial grounds in Khakassia and Tuva;
  • Eastern Siberia and the Far East, excavations on Sakhalin Island, participation in excavations of the Okhotsk culture burial grounds on the Iturup, Shikotan, Kunashir islands;
  • Crimea, excavations of necropolises of ancient settlements of Nympheus, Mermekiy, Kitey;
  • Turkmenistan, participation in the excavation of the burial ground of the Late Bronze Age Sumbar I;
  • Northwest Russia (Karelia, Komi).

1986–1990 Member of the Soviet- (Russian-) Yemeni complex historical and cultural expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR: excavations of the necropolis of the Reybun settlement, Hadhramaut province, excavations of the ancient seaport of Kana, Hadhramaut province; anthropological studies of the modern population in all provinces of South Yemen.

2003 Ethnographic expedition to the Vepsians, Podporozhsky district of the Leningrad region, Republic of Karelia. Together with the Museum Center of Tampere and the University of Tampere, Finland within the framework of the preparation of the exhibition project "Vepsa". Expedition leader.

2004 Ethnographic expedition to Egypt.

2004–2005 Ethnographic and anthropological expedition to Uzbekistan. Expedition leader.

2008 Ethnographic expedition to South-East Ethiopia (following the expedition of N.S. Gumilyov in 1913 on a business trip of the MAE). Expedition leader.

2008 Ethnographic expedition to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province, China on the topic "Uighurs and Salars - Muslim population of northwest China."


1993–1995 - Co-director of the project "Application of modern information technologies in humanitarian research" Russian Foundation for Basic Research (jointly with the Institute of Economic and Mathematical Methods of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Grant from the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation.

1997–2000 - Project Manager “Museum Computer Catalog and Data Bank of Craniological Collections of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography”. Grant from the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation.

1998–1999 - Head of the OAH811 project “Creation of on-line access to the computer catalog of the Kunstkamera collections”. Grant from the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation).

2004-2006 - Head of the project "Peoples of Siberia in the collections of the photographic collection of the MAE RAS" in the framework of the Program of fundamental research of the Presidium of the RAS "Ethno-cultural interaction in Eurasia".

2005–2006 - Head of the project "Creation of a multimedia information and exposition complex of the MAE RAS" under a grant from the Investment Fund for the Support of Culture (IFPK) within the framework of a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the Government of the Russian Federation.

2006–2008 - Head of the research topic at the MAE RAS "Multimedia information system for MAE visitors and specialists: theoretical and practical aspects."

2008–2009 - Head of the project “Creation of an automated photo depository of the MAE RAS with an Internet catalog”. Ford Foundation Grant.

2009–2011 - Coordinator “Directions 8. Museum and Archival Funds: Study, Introduction to Scientific Circulation, Providing a New Quality of Access to Cultural Heritage” of the Fundamental Research Program of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Historical and Cultural Heritage and Spiritual Values ​​of Russia”. Member of the Scientific Council of the Program.

2009–2011 - Head of the research topic at the MAE RAS "Museum collections and archival materials in the history of Russian and world culture."

2012–2016 - Head of the research topic at the MAE RAS "History of the Kunstkamera: collections, collectors, employees (to the 300th anniversary of the museum)".

2014–2016 - Head of the Kunstkamera III Millennium project, V. Potanin Charitable Foundation.