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новостьOn September 23, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation Kazem Jalali visited the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Having assumed office in December 2019, Ambassador is engaged in the strengthening and development of cultural and scientific ties between our countries. 


We are happy to announce that the Call for panels and round tables for the IUAES 2022 Congress in Saint-Petersburg has opened on the 13th September 2021. The Call for workshops will open on the 15th September. The submission of the applications is already available online on the IUAES 2022 Congress website https://iuaes2022.spb.ru/#calls. Applications for panels, round tables and workshops will be accepted till 21st October 2021.

This week a research collaboration agreement was signed between the MAE (Kunstkamera) RAS and the Faculty of Philosophy, Vilnius University. Founded in the 16th century, Vilnius University is the oldest university in the Baltic states and one of the first and most famous in Northern Europe.


As a symbol of friendship and cooperation between the Embassy and the MAE RAS, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Sri Lanka Ms. Nirosha K. Herath donated to the museum two books written by Russian authors and translated into Sinhalese: "Mother" by M. Gorky and a collection of stories by A. Chekhov. Today, August 16, a Sri Lankan student pursuing a degree at one of the Russian universities Mr. Suraj Karunathilake presented both books to the Deputy Director for Research Dr. Vladimir Davydov.

новостьPeter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences continues to develop its international relations: an agreement of cooperation was signed between the MAE RAS and the University of Pécs. 


Today, on the eve of the Ethnographer's Day, an exhibition "Nikolai Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maclay: to the 175th birth anniversary" was solemnly opened in the Round Hall of the Kunstkamera. The opening ceremony was attended by the director of the MAE (Kunstkamera) RAS Andrei Golovnev, curator of the exhibition, researcher of the Department of Australia, Oceania and Indonesia Arina Lebedeva, as well as curator and designer of the exhibition, head of the Exhibition Department Yulia Konkova.

On July 6, 2021, agreement of cooperation was signed between Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the University of Tromsø - the Arctic University of Norway.

Today July 6, the XIV Congress of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia organized by the Association of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia in cooperation with the National Research Tomsk State University, the Miklukho-Maklai Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the support of the Tomsk Region Administration.

On June 29, the Kunstkamera was visited by the consuls of the Visegrád Group Countries: Consul General of the Republic of Poland in St. Petersburg Mr. Grzegorz Ślubowski, Consul General of Hungary in St. Petersburg Mr. Gabor Ferenc Nagy, Consul General of the Slovak Republic in St. Petersburg Mr. Igor Derco and Consul General of the Czech Republic in St. Petersburg Mr. Jan Čížek.

On June 29, the MAE (Kunstkamera) RAS signed a Cooperation Agreement between the MAE RAS and the World Abaza Congress. The agreement was signed by the director of the MAE RAS Andrei V. Golovnev and the chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Kh. Ekzekov.

On June 8, the Kunstkamera was visited by Mr. Sasiwat Wongsinsawat - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Thailand to Russia. He met with the director of Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei V. Golovnev. They discussed the prospects for cooperation and the possibilities of implementing joint exposition, restoration and publishing projects. Also, Andrei Golovnev, through the Ambassador, invited Thai ethnographers and anthropologists to participate in the Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) that will be held in St. Petersburg in a year - at the end of May 2022.


June 5, on the final day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the Qatar pavilion between Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Qatar National Library (QNL).

The film "The Nagaybak Cross" by the Senior Researcher at the MAE RAS Svetlana Belorussova was included in the competition program of the International “Film and Folklore Festival”. The festival was founded in Trinidad and Tobago in 2019.

On April 18-19 2021, there was a terrible fire at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), as a result of which a number of university buildings were seriously damaged and the university library was practically destroyed. The library contained an extensive collection of books that included a treasure trove of works of Africanists, painstakingly collected over the years by the toil of numerous researchers and lovingly kept by the staff.

An agreement of cooperation was signed between Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography and University of Delhi. University of Delhi is a public university located in the capital of India. It is one of the largest, most famous and prestigious universities in the country. The Chancellor of the university is the Vice President of India Mr. Venkaiah Naidu.

On Monday 19 April 2021, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted a solemn ceremony of gifting of the two Indian musical instruments by the delegation of the Consulate General of the Republic of India in St. Petersburg, headed by the Consul General of India Mr. Deepak Miglani. 

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences invites you to take part at the International Scientific Conference "Peter the Great and the Imperial Identity of Russia" held 1-3 November 2021 in honor of the 350th birth anniversary of Peter the Great and the 300th anniversary of his assuming the title of Father of the Country and Emperor of All Russia.

Official documents came from Berlin to St. Petersburg on the admission of the Director of the MAE RAS Professor Andrei V. Golovnev to the Corresponding Membership of the German Archaeological Institute. Normally a certificate in Latin on the conferment of this scientific title is awarded in a festive atmosphere in Berlin, but for obvious reasons this year the ceremony could not take place. More precisely, it was postponed indefinitely.

On November 29, British daily national newspaper The Times published a list of the best art books in 2020. This list included the catalogue of the British Museum dedicated to the exhibition "Arctic: Culture and Climate". Exhibition which presents more than 40 items from the collection of Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, opened at the British Museum in London on October 22, 2020. But two weeks later, the museum was closed due to the quarantine introduced in the UK. The more pleasant is the news that the catalogue has received recognition by one of the most famous and popular newspapers in the world.

The MAE RAS publishing house issued the book "Essays on the Anthropology of Movement", authors: A. V. Golovnev, S. Yu. Belorussova, T. S. Kisser. The book is composed of essays written by the authors in development of the original concepts of the anthropology of movement. Thematically, the essays are divided into three chapters: “Conceptualizing Mobility”, “Anthropology of Travel” and “Ethnic Mobility”. The first of them deals with various theories of mobility, the prospects for this new and relevant area of ​​humanitarian research. The second chapter is devoted to the anthropology of travel - one of the branches of anthropology of movement, which also has independent significance as a key to the study of the motives of travel, contacts and dialogues of different cultures. The dynamics of ethnicity, considered in the third chapter, gives a picture of stability and variability of the basic for ethnology phenomenon of ethnicity.


ВыставкаOn November 12, in the Round Hall of the Kunstkamera building the exhibition "Russian Ambassador to Korea: Karl Weber and His Collections" opened - one of the most anticipated and large-scale exhibition projects of the Museum this year. The temporary exhibition is dedicated to the diplomat, the first Russian Charge d'Affaires to Korea Karl Weber (1841 - 1910), whose signature is on the first official agreements between Russia and Korea. Karl Weber witnessed a difficult and dramatic period in the history of Korea, and the years when he served in Seoul are called the period of "unprecedented rapprochement" between the countries. In 1896, fearing political conspiracies from Japan, king Gojong - the future first Emperor of Korea - ruled the country for a whole year from the Russian mission in Seoul.

We are glad to share the good news: the “Etnografia” journal, issued by the publishing house of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has been accepted into the international database Scopus - the largest database that includes annotations and citation information of the peer-reviewed scientific literature and has built-in tools for tracking, analyzing and visualizing data. The database contains more than 23,000 publications on the natural, social and humanitarian sciences, technology, medical science and art.

Today, October 13, in the online format simultaneously in three European cities - in St. Petersburg, in Haarlem (the Netherlands) and in Halle (Germany), an Agreement was signed on the creation of the Alliance of Early Universal Museums. The founders of the Alliance are three museums: the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Kunstkamera) that initiated the creation of the Alliance, Franckeschen Stiftungen and Teylers Museum. These museums are among the oldest in Europe and one of the few that have retained the historical universal character of their collections.

КалендарьOn October 12, the final stage of international negotiations on the creation of the Alliance of Early Universal Museums took place online. The conference was attended by representatives of the three founding museums of the Alliance: Andrei V. Golovnev, Natalya P. Kopaneva, Tatyana S. Kisser from the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia), Dr. Marjan Scharloo from the Teylers Museum (Haarlem, Netherlands), Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller-Bahlke, Prof. Dr. Holger Zaunstöck, Dr. Claus Veltmann, Friederike Lippold from Frankesche Stiftungen (Halle, Germany).

The new issue of the “Etnografia” journal (No. 3 (9) for 2020) is fully devoted to the issues of cyber-ethnography. This is one of the most dynamically developing areas in the spectre of scientific activities of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography. The issue opens with an article by the director of the MAE RAS Andrei V. Golovnev "Cyberspeed" which examines the phenomenon of the global cyberrevolution, when the cyberworld becomes almost a greater reality than reality itself, and the high speed of information and reaction exchange in the virtual world is capable of provoking a social avalanche.


The International Center for Islamic Studies of the Kunstkamera Museum (the Head – Dr. Sci. Prof. Efim Rezvan) has initiated the creation of a collective monograph under the working title “Sufism after the USSR”. The project is launched within the framework of the research area “Tasawwuf in the Modern World” (to be edited and compiled by Dr. Igor Pankov, the Head of the research area mentioned above, and Dr Sergey Abashin, Prof at the European University in Saint-Petersburg).

Dear colleagues

Dear colleagues,
unfortunately on behalf of the Organizing Committee we have to inform you that the conference «Ways to the sacred» (April 27-29 2020) is postponed till the next year due to the epidemiological situation in the world. Most likely we will hold the conference in the same dates in April 2021. Let’s stay in touch concerning all organisational process, and we will get back to the new invitations and visa arrangements in Autumn when situation (we hope) gets better. 
Thank you for understanding.

On October 21 Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, the Chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia and the Chairman of the Clerical Administration of Muslims of Russia presented to Prof Efim Rezvan, Deputy Director of the Saint-Petersburg Kunstkamera and the Director of the International Center for Islamic Studies the prize for his contribution to the study and popularization of the Holy Qur’an. The ceremony was held as part of the Qur’anic Festival organized in the Moscow Crocus City Hall and completed the 19th Moscow International Qur’an Reciting Competition. The Dubai International Prize of the Holy Qur’an was the partner of the solemn event this year.

II All-Russian Symposium on Anthropological/ Ethnological European Studies

October 22-23 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia 

Since Europe has always been a multinational and multicultural region there is still a plenty of space for anthropological studies of its complex and ambiguous history of relations between official states, multiple European nations and entire political and economic units as well as between the peoples living there now and in the past. The second half of the 20th century and especially last decade are characterized by waves of migrations that led to the emergence of new groups on the territory of Europe. So called "old" Europeans face the challenge to get along with different groups of migrants and to build new neighborhood relations in both political and everyday life. Within the main conference’s theme it is supposed to treat neighborhoodin both broad and narrow contexts with the focus on communication practices between human communities in contact at different levels. The event aims to provide an overviewon contact areas within the international and historical perspectives. The other spotlight is to discuss the anthropology of everyday life with special attention to communication between neighboring groups and individuals.