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The Sensational Dating of the Early Copies of the Qur’an. Public lecture by Efim Rezvan in the UK


On October, 21 2015, Birmingham University organized a scientific conference on results of radiocarbon dating of early Qur’anic fragments stored in its library. The manuscript drew wide media and public interest  since the parchment was dated to approximately the lifetime of the Prophet Mohammed. (The dating placed the fragments to 568645 A. D., while the preaching of Mohammed began in 610 A. D. and ended with his death in 632 A. D.)

Prof Efim Rezvan, Deputy Director of the Kunstkamera Museum, was requested to hold a public lecture on this topic and to summarize his own research in the field of textual criticism and palaeography of the Qur’an. He was also asked to assess the results of the discussions, and to offer suggestions for further study.

In his presentation, Prof Rezvan pointed to a possible reasons for such an early dating, and hinted at discoveries of other folios of the same manuscript, especially in Russia. The thesis of Prof Rezvan’s Birmingham presentation, as well as the articles on the topic published in the journal “Manuscripta Orientalia,” can be found by following the links below.


Efim Rezvan
The Mingana Folios in Their Historical Context (Notes in the Margins of Newspaper Publications)

E. Rezvan