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Presentation of the project “Corpus Coranicum Petropolitana” in Budapest

On May 5, 2017 in the framework of representative scientific conference Paleo-Qur’anic Manuscripts: state of the field organized by Center for Religious Studies, Institute for Advanced Studies of Central European University in Budapest Efim Rezvan and Anna Kudriavtceva presented the report “Corpus Coranicum Petropolitana: current results and perspectives of the new Russian Qur’anic project”. A comprehensive research project is implemented by Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, the Leiden Research Institute for Rational Monotheism and “Manuscripta Orientalia”, International Journal for Oriental Manuscripts Research. The project includes the publication of a study on Qur’anic ethnography, organization of field trips to Oman and Saudi Arabia, the creation of the Internet project “Lexical and grammatical structure of the Qur’an, of the documented Arabic-Russian dictionary of the Qur’anic language, provided the references to the body pre-Islamic poetry and epigraphy as well as the creation of the new translation of the Qur’ān into Russian language based on the new scientific principals.