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Cooperation between the MAE RAS and the Islamic Culture Research Foundation

On January 30, 2018, the Director of MAE RAS Andrey Golovnev and the Deputy Director of the Museum, the Head of the International center for Islamic studies Efim Rezvan met with the Hamid Hadavimogaddam, President of the Islamic Culture Research Foundation (www.islamfond.ru) Hamid Hadawimogaddam. During the meeting, directions for further work on joint projects in the areas of the Qur’anic studies and media, cooperation in the development of the International Center for Islamic Studies (ICIS), participation in the organization of exhibitions and joint expeditions were discussed. On February 13, 2018, as the result of the talks, the agreement on cooperation between the ICIS and the Fund was signed in Moscow. In 2017, the Islamic Culture Research Foundation celebrated its tenth anniversary. At the moment, it has scientific connections with most of the centers for the study of Islam in Russia.