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New issue of the journal "Etnografia"


The Publishing House of the MAE (Kunstkamera) RAS has released a new issue of the journal "Etnografia" No. 1 (15) for 2022. Thematically, all published materials are combined into three sections: "Food", "Things", "Body".

The “Food” section contains articles dedicated to the food safety issues in Taimyr (V. Davydov) and about the food practices of nomadic Evenks (D. Brandišauskas), and about the traditions of Sicilian cuisine (O. Fais-Leutskaja), the formation of the Bio concept (A. Novik) and the significance of cynophagy among the Austronesian and Austroasiatic peoples (M. Stanyukovich).

The “Things” section combines the following articles: “On the Juchid heritage in the jewelry traditions of the Kazan Tatars: the art of chasing” (L. Donina, S. Suslova), “Souvenir. Dhar and Mandu." A princely album as a navigator through the history of photography in (British) India” (I. Glushkova), “Muslim headscarf in modern Spain” (A. Kozhanovsky), “The manor and the hut: theft as a manifestation of “peasants communism with landowner” (V. Shapovalov, S. Shapovalova).

The “Body” section presents two studies: “Blood as ontological fluid of the Afro-Cuban witchcraft” (N. Manichkin) and “The corporeality of the harmonica (button accordion): dynamic intersections of body and thing” (T. Shchepanskaia).

The published materials are fully available on the official website of the MAE RAS.