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The “Arctic: Culture and Climate” catalogue has been named Best Art Book of the year by the British daily newspaper The Times!


On November 29, British daily national newspaper The Times published a list of the best art books in 2020. This list included the catalogue of the British Museum dedicated to the exhibition "Arctic: Culture and Climate". Exhibition which presents more than 40 items from the collection of Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, opened at the British Museum in London on October 22, 2020. But two weeks later, the museum was closed due to the quarantine introduced in the UK. The more pleasant is the news that the catalogue has received recognition by one of the most famous and popular newspapers in the world.

The "Arctic: Culture and Climate" catalogue is more than just a beautiful publication based on materials of a temporary exhibition at the British Museum. The book contains articles by leading world scientists exploring the problems of the Arctic and the culture of its peoples, including four articles written by the researchers of the MAE RAS: an article "Reindeer herders and mobility" by the Director of the Museum Andrei V. Golovnev, "Changing state and exploration of the Russian Arctic: expanding horizons of ethnographic knowledge" by the Deputy Director of the MAE RAS for Research Vladimir N. Davydov, "Russian colonialism" by Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Eastern Slavs and Peoples of European Russia Alexander I. Teriukov and an article “The ‘shaman's mask’” by the Senior Curator of the Siberian ethnographic collections Vladimir A. Kisel.

Also today it has become known that the catalogue "Arctic: Culture and Climate" was included in the top five scientific publications of the week according to one of the oldest scientific journals in the world - Nature: