Exhibition Department

Head of Department Julia Kupina, Cand.Sc.
"The first natural-history collections of the Kunstkamera". Invitation for the opening of the exhibition 2003
"Epmosphere": presentation of the armillary sphere of Joseph Dupressoir". Joint Swiss-Russin project for the study and exhibiting of the 18th century armillary sphere. The exhibition was timed to Leonard Ehler’s anniversary. The MAE RAS, October 13, 2006
"Tlingit: Alte Indianische Kunst Aus Alaska". Catalogue of the exhibition. Rietberg Museum, Zurich, Switzerland, 2001
"Palace of Knowlege". Catalogue of exhibition at the Museum of Arts and History, Dortmund, and at the Museum of Schloss Friedstein, Gotha, Germany, 2003-2004
"Samurai". Exhibition at Vapriikki Museum Center, Tampere, Finland. 2004
"Jeynov — We Have Come"." A view of the exposition in Vapriikki Museum Center. Tampere, Finland. 2006

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Department Staff

Julia KUPINA, Cand Sc., Deputy Director, Head of Department.

Ksenia VOZDIGAN, Chief Specialist on expositional and exhibition work.

A special department, whose task was to develop and implement mostly foreign exhibition projects of MAE (Kunstkamera), was established in May, 2000 as Department of External Relations and Exhibitions, and renamed the Department of Expositions and Exhibitions in 2003.

Considerable work involved in exhibition projects, from the selection of exhibits to their conservation, design of printed materials and publications, legal and documental registration, etc., required standing coordination of different services of the museum and intense cooperation with the museum's partners both Russian and foreign. Therefore public relationships became one of the department's tasks. Since 2002, it has been actively engaged in the implementation of internal exhibition projects, specifically designing and opening both temporary exhibitions and standing expositions. Important domains of the department's activities are providing access to the museum's collections for photographic and video recording, granting rights for the publication of collections, providing information for the museum's exhibition and publication projects, and cooperating with sponsors and the International Society of Friends of the Kunstkamera, established in summer 2004. Ju A Kupina has headed the department since its foundation, and she is also Deputy Director for the Museum.

Exhibition Projects

The key projects implemented by the department in 2000-08 include the following exhibitions:

  • "Tlingit: Alte Indianische Kunst Aus Alaska". In January-May 2001 the exhibition was displayed at Rietberg Museum, Zurich, Switzerland and at Menil Collection, Houston, USA.
  • "The Arctic Civilisation". In February-August 2002 the exhibition was displayed at Vapriikki Exhibition Center, Tampere, Finland, and in October 2002 - March 2003 at Malmö Museum, Sweden.
  • "Palast des Wissens. Die Kunst und Wunderkammer Zar Peters des Großen". The exhibition was designed in cooperation with the State Hermitage, St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Archives, and Dortmund Museum of Arts, Germany. In 2003- 04 three rounds of exhibition were successfully implemented in Dortmund and Gotha, Germany, and in Tampere, Finland.
  • "Samurai - A Thousand Years of Cults and Culture". In February-August 2004 the exhibition was a hit at Vapriikki Exhibition Center in Tampere, Finland, and on October 24th, 2004, it was opened at Malmö Museum, Sweden.
  • "Ust'-Polui, 49 BC". In 2004, the exhibition was displayed at Szymanovsky Museum and Exhibition Center in Salekhard, Jamalo-Nenetsk autonomous region.
  • "Arctic Hellas". In 2004 the exhibition was displayed at the Karelian Regional Museum, Petrozavodsk.
  • "Shamans". In 2004 the exhibition was displayed at the Karelian Regional Museum, Petrozavodsk.
  • "Jeynov - We have come". In November 2005 - September 2006 the exhibition was displayed at Vapriikki Exhibition Center, Tampere, Finland.
  • "Vepsians". In February-September 2006 the exhibition was displayed at Vapriikki Exhibition Center, Tampere, Finland.

The department is in charge of the museum's participation in various exhibition projects in Russia and abroad, for which the museum lends its collections. These projects include the following:

  • "Man. Hunter. Shaman. Artist" - "Down of the Human Spirit" Tours to Sankt-Pölten, Austria, in 2000-01; to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2001; and to Tampere, Finland in 2003.
  • "Ultima Thule. Arctic Explorations". Tours to Helsinki and Stockholm in 2001 and 2002.
  • "Science under Sail: Russia's Great Voyages to America (1728- 1867)". Tours to Anchorage and San-Francisco in 2000 and 2002.
  • "Kadyak. Alaska" Quai Branly Museum, Paris (France). November 2002 - January 2003.
  • "Time of Mammoth". Natural History Museum. Paris (France), March 2004 - January 2005.
  • "Appeasing the Spirits - Alaskan Coastal Cultures". Toronto (Canada). Bata Shoe Museum, April 2004 - April 2006.
  • "Masterpieces and Rarities of Blade Arms". St. Petersburg, Central Museum of the Navy, April-June, 2004.
  • "Russia - Norway: Through Centuries and Borders". Norwegian Folk Museum, Oslo (Norway), 2004; St. Petersburg. Russian Ethnographical Museum, April-June 2005.
  • "Radiant Kazan: St. Petersburg to the 1000th birthday of Kazan". St. Petersburg, Main Exhibition Hall "Manezh", June-July 2005.
  • "Clash of Empires". Pittsburg (the USA), Pittsburg Regional Center of History named after Senator John Heinz, March 2005 - March 2007.
  • "Trans-Siberian Express" (exhibition held within the Festival "Europalia-Russia-2005"). Brussels (Belgium), Palace of Fine Arts, October 2005 - February 2006.
  • "Russia: From Tsar to Emperor" (exhibition held within the Festival "Europalia-Russia-2005"). Brussels (Belgium), Palace of Fine Arts, October 2005 - January 2006.
  • "A Duchess and a Patriot: Ekaterina Dashkova, Benjamin Franklin and the Age of Enlightenment". Philadelphia (the USA), American Philosophical Society, February 2006 - January 2007.
  • "Masks. From Myth to Carnival". Moscow, SMFA named after A S. Pushkin, November 2006 - February 2007.
  • "Old Residents (traditional culture of Yugra old residents)". The exhibition was part of the program titled "Faces of Russia" supported by UNESCO and the Federatio Council of Russia. It was held with the support of the administration of Surgut, within the framework of the MAE RAS cooperation with the College of Russian Culture named after A S. Znamensky in January-March 2007.
  • "Ships Pierced Through With Sunlight". The State Museum of Urban Sculpture, Center of St Peterbsurg Arts "AVIT". November 2006 - February 2007.
  • "Smoking Pipes". The State Museum of Urban Sculpture, Center of St Peterbsurg Arts "AVIT". May 2007 - August 2007.
  • "From the Age of Catherine the Great: Travels and Travelers". SRM Tsarskoe Selo. November 2007.
  • "Early Bronze Age on the Territory of Adygei". National Museum of the Republic of Adygei (Maikop). October 2006 - December 2007.
  • "Church and secular golden embroidery". The State Museum of Urban Sculpture. January 2007 - January 2008.
  • "Life in Extreme Conditions". Museum of Archaeology of Westphalia (Germany). May 2006 - June 2007.
  • "The Land of Incense (Yemen: Images of Traditional culture)". The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow. January-February 2008.
  • "Unity of Nations on the Banks of the Neva River. Multi-National St. Petersburg". CEH "Manezh", St. Petersburg. June 2008 - October 2008.
  • "The Beautiful - a Bridge between Countries (to the days of Russia in India)". Memorial Flat-museum of N A Nekrasov. April-July 2008.
  • "Establishment of Finland". All-Russian Museum of A S. Pushkin. December 2008 - March 2009.
  • "Peter's Way. From Rus' to Russia". CEH "Manezh", St. Petersburg. May-June 2009.

In 2002-07 the department was engaged in designing and implementing the following temporary exhibitions at MAE:

  • "The Far and the Near. New European Expeditions of the Kunstkamera". November 2001 - March 2002.
  • "Captain Cook's Last Voyage (Cook's Collections of the Kunstkamera)". September 2002 - July 2003.
  • "Yakutia on the Neva Banks". The exhibition was part of the project "My Land Yakutia. One and a Half Thousand Years in the Heart of Northern Asia", co-sponsored by MAE and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Academy of Sciences Institute for the Humanities in December 2001 - February 2002.
  • "Ingermanlanders". Exhibition co-sponsored by MAE, the Department of Culture of Tampere, the Vapriikki Exhibition Centre (Tampere, Finland), and the Ingermanland Finnish Society "Inkerin Liito" in St. Petersburg. It was open for the public in February and March 2003.
  • "Russia-America: Three Hundred Years in Books, Maps and Documents". The exhibition was jointly sponsored by MAE, the Academy of Sciences Library, St Peterburg Branch of the Academy of Sciences Archives, and the General Consulate of the USA, and was dedicated to the tercentenary of St. Petersburg. It was open from May to September, 2003.
  • "Artefacts and Anomalies". Personal exhibition of an American sculptor Elona van Gent. May-August 2003.
  • "Pulse of Time: Switzerland - St. Petersburg: From the 18th to the 21st Century". This exhibition was part of the Swiss jubilee program marking the tercentenary of St. Petersburg and was co-sponsored by MAE, the Museum of the Navy, the Metrological Museum, the Swiss Watchmakers Association, and the Swiss General Consulate in St. Petersburg. It was open in July-September, 2003.
  • "Costume and Mask of Kagura Theatre from Hiroshima Prefecture (Japan)". Ceremonial donation of a ritual costume and two masks of Kagura theatre by Hiroshima prefecture, Japan to MAE. After the ceremony they were exhibited at the permanent exposition "Japan" in October, 2004.
  • "Bronze in Japanese Home". Temporary exhibition in the hall "Japan", designed and opened during the festival "Japanese Spring in St. Petersburg" in March 2002.
  • "Epmosphere: presentation of the armillary sphere of Joseph Dupressoir" (October 13, 2006). Joint Swiss-Russin project for the study and exhibiting of the 18th century armillary sphere. The exhibition was timed to Leonard Ehler's anniversary. At the same time an exhibition titled "Time of Art" of artists Albert Virki and Valery Shablovsky was opened.
  • "Jeynov - We Have Come" (Uzbekistan Arabs: images of traditional culture)". The exhibition was held in the MAE in November 2004 - November 2005 and was organized by the MAE RAS together with the Informational Agency ROSBALT and Producing Center "St. Petersburg - 21st century" with the participation of the International Arabic Cultural Center "Jeynov" and the support of Publishing House "Tsifra" (St. Petersburg).
  • "Interpretation of Africa". Photographs of reporters from the magazine "The World Pathfinder". Timed to the opening of a new permanent exposition "Africa" (January 15, 2007).
  • "Museum of indigenous peoples of St. Petersburg land". Presentation of a mobile museum created by the St. Petersburg Society of Ingria Finns "Inkerin Liitto" with the support of the Committee for Youth and Relations with Public Organizations of the Government of St. Petersburg. The exhibition was timed to Kalevala Day - February 28, 2007.
  • "Faces of our Ancestors: to M M Gerasimov's 100th anniversary". The exhibition was held in the MAE RAS in October 2007 - August 2008.
  • "The Land of Incense (Yemen: Images of Traditional culture)". The exhibition was held in the MAE RAS in August-November 2007.

The museum regularly holds temporary exhibition of the series "The World of an Object":

  • "Wheel of Life". Exhibited in January 2001 - March 2002.
  • "Admiral's Donation (Norwegian Beer Mug from the Collection of Admiral K N Pos'et)". Exhibited in March-September 2002.
  • "The First Ethnographical Description of Entire Russia: Academician J G Georgi's Book". Exhibited in September-December 2002.
  • "St. Petersburg Christmas Crèche by Alexey Strel'nikov". Exhibited in December 2002 - January 2003.
  • "Feathered Serpent Ketsal'koatl'". Exhibited in April 2003 - October 2004.
  • "Chinese Compass". Open since October 2004.
  • "Wolf mas - bozz - from a Dagestanian village of Shaitli"  Exhibited in March-November 2005.
  • "Ama: Shuvash woman's amulet". Exhibited in December 2005 - December 2006.
  • "Kalam: writing cane". Exhibited in December 2006 - September 2007.
  • "Churinga: ancestors' sign". Exhibited in February- November 2008.
  • "Sky boat: Chinese mechanic toy". Open since November 2008.

The Department has participated in designing several permanent expositions and in their informational support:

  • "Indochina: Peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia". A new permanent exposition illustrating the cultures of Thailand, Burma, Laos, and Vietnam. Opened on May 31st, 2002.
  • "The Great Gottorp Globe". A new permanent exposition was designed after a complete restoration of the famous globe. Manufactured in 1650-64 at Gottorp Castle, Holstein, northern Germany, it is not just one of world's largest globes (diameter, 3.1 m, weight, 3.5 tons), but also one of world's first planetariums. In 2002, under the participation of Goethe Cultural Center in St. Petersburg, a grant from the Federal Republic of Germany was received for the restoration of the globe and for the design of an entirely new exposition illustrating its history. Over a short time, the painting and the metal details of the globe were restored, and its wooden floor, the tabletop and the oak bench inside it were made anew. The financial support for the project was provided by the Ministry of Culture of Land Saxen-Anhalt, Germany, Goethe Cultural Center, and St. Petersburg Committee for the Protection of Monuments, and the computer company "Digital Design". A multimedia program in Russian, German, and English is demonstrated at the exposition, which was opened on July 19th, 2003.
  • " The First Scientific Collections of the Kunstkamera". A permanent exposition concerned with collections from the Cabinet of Naturalia of Peter the Great Kunstkamera (those purchased in Holland from the professor of anatomy Frederick Ruysch and the Amsterdam chemist Albert Seba, and the collection that assembled in Russia by Peter's order). The exposition partly follows the way collections were displayed at 18th-century Kunstkamera (baroque hall, 18th-century showcases, anatomical specimens exhibited along with exotic shells, corals, stuffed rare and unusual animals). It was designed in cooperation with Amsterdam Historical Museum and the University of Utrecht under financial support of several Dutch public and charity organizations, especially Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fund, and preceded by a Russian-Dutch practical seminar where the restoration of exhibits from Ruysch's collection was discussed (A Radzjoen, W Mulder). Russian and Dutch curators (A Radzjoen, J Driessen-Van Het Reve) and designers (E Speshilov, S. Blokhin, J Kis-Jovak) participated in setting up the exposition, which was opened on October 19th, 2003.
  • " M V. Lomonosov and the Academy of Sciences of 18th-Century"; "The First Astronomic Observatory of the Academy of Sciences". The new permanent expositions of M V. Lomonosov Museum were designed after the overhaul of the rooms in the upper tiers of Kunstkamera's tower. The expositions were opened on May, 21st, 2004.
  • "Africa". The new permanent exposition dedicated to the peoples of the African continent. It differs sufficiently from the previous expositions. Almost 15 hundred objects are on display, which is almost one ninth of all African collections. Within the program of the Investment Fund for the Support of Culture aimed at the creation of an informational-expositional complex, a screen and a monitor with additional information are installed in the hall. A bright guidebook in the English and Russian languages was published for the opening of the exposition, which took place on 15 January, 2007.
  • The project titled "Multimedia informational-expositional complex of the MAE". Since 10 September, 2007, a multimedia guide was impkemented on sensor screens in the Museum's halls. For the first time in Russia visitors to the museum can get familiar with electronic labels of many (and in the future - all) museum exhibits, to receive encyclopedic information on the ethnography of different countries and regions, to watch and listen to ethnographical audio and video recordings, and see photographs from the Museum's archive. The project was launched on 7 September, 2007.

The department staff members took part in the design and implementation of international projects concerned with the study and publication of MAE collections:

  • In April 2001, negotiations were held with the Korean Embassy in Russia and the Institute for the Study of Cultural Property (Seoul, Korea) for the project of a catalogue of Korean collections at MAE, and in November 2001 an agreement was signed. The catalogue was published in 2004.
  • Under support of CEC ArtsLink the museum cooperates with the National Museum of American Indians, New York, in restoring, preserving and exhibiting the monuments of American Indian traditional culture (emerging issues are discussed at a joint seminar). In 2001 a program for the exchange of specialists between the two museums was launched. It has been running for three years and is being supervised by the department.
  • "Wunderkamera - Chamber of wonders. Kunst- and naturalien chamber of Frank institutions in Halle". The exhibition was prepared by the Frankesches Stiftungen Foundation (Halle-Saale, FRG) and was provided for display by Goethe Institute in St. Petersburg with the support of Sachsen Anhalt Land. The visitors had a rare opportunity to compare principles of creation and decoration of 18th-century Kunstkameras in Halle and St. Petersburg. The exhibition was held by the MAE RAS in June-August 2004.
  • "Orinoco: The World of Amazonian Indians". The exhibition was prepared by Sisneros Foundation (Venezuela) with the support of UBS AG Bank and Vapriikki Museum Center (Finland). The exhibition was held in the MAE RAS in December 2005 - October 2006.

The department regularly promotes the participation of MAE in the city festival "Modern Art in a Traditional Museum" (supported by the Open Society Institute and Ford Foundation):

  • 2000-03 (grant supervisor, E S. Soboleva). "Anatomical Person in the Kunstkamera" (designed A Florenskii and O Florenskaya); "Inventory" (designed by V Pushnitskii, A Dodon, and O Golovko); "Persian Carpets" (designed by I Piganov).
  • 2004 (grant supervisor, Ju A Kupina). "Teratology" (designed by S. Babanin).

Principle Publications

In the recent years the department staff members have published the following works:

  • Kupina Ju. A. Nenapisannaya kniga: nauchnoe nasledie Nikul'shina [The unwritten book: scientific heritage of Nikul'shin] // Polevye issledovaniya MAE RAN. SPb.: MAE RAS. 2006. P. 94-102.
  • Kupina Ju. A. Ptitsy: zrimye obrazy i skrytyi smysl narodnoi kul'tury (razmyshleniya o kontseptsii vystavki) [Birds: visual images and hidden meaning of folk culture (Ideas on an exhibition concept)] // Radlovskie chteniya 2005: Tezisy dokladov. SPb., 2005. P. 191-199.
  • Kupina Ju. A. Utraty ili priobreteniya? (Istoriya kollektsionnykh obmenov MAE RAN s amerikanskimi muzeyami) [Losses or gains? (The history of collection exchanges between the MAE RAS and American museums)] // Kur'er Petrovskoi Kunstkamery. SPb., 2005. Issue 10-11. P. 52-85.
  • Kupina Ju. A. Traditsii v vitrinakh: sibirskie kollektsii MAE na zarubezhnykh vystavkakh [Traditions in showcases: Siberian collections of MAE on foreign exhibitions] // 285 let Peterburgskoi Kunstkamere. Materialy itogovoi nauchnoi konferentsii MAE RAN, posvyaschennoi 285-letiyu Kunstkamery. (MAE Collection, Vol. XLVIII). SPb. 2001. P. 214-226.
  • Kupina Ju. A. Osnovnye printsipy litsenzirovaniya muzeinykh obrazov [Basic principles of licensing museum images] // Materialy konferentsii EVA 2001 Moskva (3-8 dek. 2001 g.) "Kul'turnoe nasledie dlya vsekh: novye tekhnologii v muzeyakh, galereyakh, bibliotekakh i arkhivakh". M., 2001. P. 1611-1613.
  • Janes M. A. Fotoillustrativnye kollektsii otdela Yuzhnoi i Yugo-Zapadnoi Azii MAE RAN [Photo-illustrative collections of the Department of South and South-East Asia of the MAE RAS] // Radlovskie chteniye 2006: Tezisy dokladov. SPb., 2006. P. 91-96.
  • Janes M. A. Ovtsevodstvo v Kashkadar'inskoi stepi (na primere khozyaistva arabov kishlaka Jeynov) [Sheep-breeding in Kashka-Darya steppe (on the example of Arabic households in Jeynov kishlak)] // Radlovskii sbornik: Nauchnye issledovaniya i muzeinye proekty MAE RAN v 2007 g. SPb.: MAE RAS, 2008. P. 237-244.
  • Janes M. A. Klavdiya Leont'evna Zadykhina - etnograf, issledovatel' Srendei Azii i Kazakhstana. K 100-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya [Klavdiya Leont'evna Zadykhina - ethnographer, researcher of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. To the 100th anniversary] // Antropologicheskii forum. 2007. # 7. SPb., 2007. P. 455-460.
  • Janes M. A. Fanya Davydovna Lyushkevich // Antropologicheskii forum. 2008. # 8. SPb., 2008. P. 467-469.
  • Janes M. A. Vklad I. N. Vinnikova v istoriyu izuchenya arabskogo naseleniya Uzbekistana [Contribution of I N Vinnikov into the history of studies of the Arabic population of Uzbekistan] // Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo universiteta. Ser 9 Issue 3. Part II. SPb., 2008. P. 281-291.
  • Janes M. A. Traditsionnaya sistema pitaniya arabov kislaka Jeynov (Uzbekistan) [Traditional food systems of the Arabs of Jeynov kishlak (Uzbekistan)] // Polevye issledovaniya MAE RAN. SPb.: MAE RAS, 2008. Issue 8. P. 80-96.


To collect modern ethnographic materials for the exhibition projects, department staff members take part in field trips. In the recent years, several such expeditions were organized and conducted by MAE in cooperation with Vapriikki Museum Center in Tampere, Finland. Places visited include Jamalo-Nenetsk autonomous region (2002), Tikhvin and Podporozh'e districts of Leningrad oblast', Karelia (2003), and Uzbekistan (the latter field trip was co-sponsored with Stanford University mission in Russia). Participation in such trips, which help get familiar with the life and culture of various peoples, is highly advantageous for those taking part in exhibition projects, since it introduces them to the cultures featured by the exhibitions.

Grants, Further Training Programs

Department staff members have participated in several refresher courses in Russia and abroad, and lectured at various courses and seminars for retrainees:

  • Kupina Ju. A. - certificate of the open postgraduate courses of the European University in St. Petersburg on the program "Management in Culture" - 2001.
  • Kupina Ju. A. - diplomas of the Presidential Federal program for executive staff training, and of the Swedish Agency for International Development - 2002.
  • Kupina Ju. A. - diploma of Getty Institute School of Museum Management, Los Angeles - 2003.
  • Kupina Ju. A. - participation in master-classes of the conference "Virtual Systems and Multimedia 2008". Archives Infrastructure: Infrastructure for Digitized Cultural Content in Europe Recording for Posterity: Digital Tools for Documenting Heritage Places (ICOMOS, VSMM, and CIPA); European Union MICHAEL / MINERVA projects results; Multilingual and Multimedia Access to Cultural Heritage Digital Objects: the MultiMatch Solution (EU MultiMatch project); The European Commission COINS Project; CHIRON: Cultural Heritage Informatics Research Oriented Network - Preparing the Cultural Heritage Research Agenda of Tomorrow (Sorin Hermon) - 2008.
  • Janes M. A. - diploma of the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (Haiderabad, India) - 2006.
  • Janes M. A. - diploma of the New York University Summer Institute for Museum Professional (New York, the USA) - 2006.

The Department's staff members have acted as experts within the following UNESCO projects:

  • "Preservation of ethnographical collections and development of museums in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan" (2006-08) - Ju. A. Kupina.
  • "Development and creation of an electronic catalogue of the museums of Tajikistan" (2007-08) - Ju. A. Kupina.
  • "Professional preparation of museum specialists in Uzbekistan" (2009) - Ju. A. Kupina.
  • "Running a Museum - 21st century (2008-09) - Ju. A. Kupina.


In 2000-08, the department has sponsored several conferences and seminars:

  • In 2000, an international seminar "Contents - Interpretation - Presentation (Museum Labels and Exhibitions texts)" was organized and conducted under support of CEC International Partners (nowadays CEC ArtsLink) and convened by E. S. Soboleva.
  • In 2001, a project titled "Informational maintenance of the Kunstkamera" was implemented under support of CEC International Partners and the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation). It was convened by E. S. Soboleva.
  • In 2003, the department initiated and organized an international seminar "Intellectual Property Management by the Museums: Trade and Licensing" (supported by CEC International Partners). Over fifty representatives of Russian and foreign museums attended the seminar, which was convened by Ju. A. Kupina.
  • An annual symposium of directors of European ethnographical museums (EEMDG - European Ethnographical Museums Directors Group) was held in St. Petersburg on the basis of the MAE RAS on 11-14 September, 2008. Among the participants were museum directors from Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Leiden, Leipzig, London, Ljubljana, Madrid, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Riga, Rome, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Tervuren, Helsinki, and Stuttgart. A number of most important aspects of ethnographic museums' work was discussed (creation of digital photographic archives of ethnographical museums, scientific research in an ethnographical museum, the mission of an ethnographical museum). The participants got familiar with the expositions of the MAE RAS and the Russian Ethnographical Museum, the Hermitage and Tsarskoe Selo. Members of the Organizational Committee - Ju. A. Kupina, M. A. Janes.
  • The regional UNESCO/ICOM training "Running a Museums" for specialists from the CIS countries was held on June 29 - July 6, 2008, with the participation of a number of leading Russian museums - the MAE RAS, the State Hermitage, the Russian Museum and the Russian Ethnographical Museum, with the support of the Administration of St. Petersburg. The training was prepared with the organizational and financial support of the UNESCO office in Moscow together with UNESCO cluster office in Almaty and UNESCO representative office in Uzbekistan, and held within the framework of the Agreement between UNESCO and the Intergovernmental Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS countries about cooperation in the sphere of museum business development in the CIS countries. Project lead - Ju. A. Kupina, member of the organizational committee - M. A. Janes.

Topics related to the museum activity are discussed at the following scientific conferences:

  • Round table "Museum activity of the MAE RAS: results and prospectives" during Radlov Lectures (the summarizing annual conference of the MAE RAS). February 18-20 2004.
  • Round table "Object and narrative: problems of interpretations of culture at ethnographical exhibitions" during Radlov Lectures (the summarizing annual conference of the MAE RAS). February 15-16 2005. Head - Ju. A. Kupina.
  • Section "Museum etnology - 5th St. Petersburg ethnographical lectures" at the 6th Congress of Ethnographers and Anthropologists of Russia in St. Petersburg. June 28 - July 2, 2005. Head - Ju. A. Kupina.
  • "Music of the Kunstkamera (to the 290th anniversary of the Kunstkamera)" - 2nd International scientific-practical conference. June 23- 25, 2004. Member of the organizational committee - E. S. Soboleva.
  • Virtual Systems and Multimedia 2008. 14th International conference of the Association Virtual Systems and Multimedia, the European Union, UNESCO, Government of the Republic of Cyprus. October 20-25, 2008. Limassol, Cyprus, Ju. A. Kupina.