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International Kunstkamera Friends’ Club
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International Kunstkamera Friends’ Club

Founded on December 6, 2020


The International Kunstkamera Friends’ Club unites people for whom science is the way of conceiving the world, and interest in the Museum’s life is the motive for actively supporting the noble cause of preserving, studying and enhancement of the priceless collections of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The MAE RAS has a wide range of scientific interests that includes ethnography, archeology and anthropology; the geography of the research is extensive - from the Arctic to Africa, from Japan to California. The researchers of our Museum continue to explore the cultures of the peoples of the world and are ready to share their knowledge.

Participants of the International Kunstkamera Friends’ Club will be the first to learn about the scheduled exhibitions and newly published books, upcoming museum events and results of scientific expeditions. Specially for the Kunstkamera friends we prepare cultural and educational projects and unusual excursions, arrange meetings with curators of exhibitions and leading researchers of our Museum.

A visit to our Museum for the Kunstkamera friends is always free.

Charitable assistance is carried out annually, on the basis of a donation agreement that entitles you to the benefits when visiting the Museum and allows you to become a participant in the museum events.



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To join the International Kunstkamera Friends’ Club, you have to:

For all questions and suggestions regarding the International Kunstkamera Friends’ Club please get in touch:

+7 812 3280812 доб. 109




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