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Research Departments

Department of Australia, Oceania and Indonesia Maria STANYUKOVICH, Cand.Sc.
Department of America Yuri BEREZKIN, D.Sc.
Department of Physical Anthropology Valery KHARTANOVICH, Cand.Sc.
Department of Archaeology Gennadii KHLOPACHEV, Cand.Sc.
Department of Africa Alexandr ZHELTOV, D.Sc.
Department of East and Southeast Asia Igor ALIMOV, Cand. Sc.
Department of Caucasus Ekaterina KAPUSTINA, Cand.Sc. 
Department of Siberia Vladimir DAVYDOV, Cand.Sc. 
Department of Central Asia Maryam REZVAN, Cand.Sc. 
Department of South and Southwest Asia Igor KOTIN, D.Sc.
Department of the History of Kunstkamera and 18t Century Russian Science Margarita KHARTANOVICH, D.Sc.
Arctic Research Center Andrei GOLOVNEV, Prof., Dr.Sc.
Laboratory of Museum Technologies Svetlana BELORUSSOVA, Cand.Sc.
Europe Research Center Alexander NOVIK, Cand.Sc.


Laboratory "The International Center of Islamic Studies" Efim REZVAN, Prof. Dr.Sc.